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Alloya has partnered with Prizeout to enable your credit union’s members to get more value, faster, with an innovative withdrawal platform that gives users more purchasing power in the form of digital gift cards with bonus offers. There is little to no cost to your credit union for set-up or maintenance, and incremental income is generated on each card redemption, which means increased satisfaction for your members and revenue for your credit union.

Neural Payments P2P Solution

A separate offering that pairs seamlessly with Prizeout, Alloya’s peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution, powered through our partnership with Neural Payments, delivers a fresh and streamlined experience that gives your credit union the power to grow deposits, engage with new members and offer a safer, more user-friendly payment experience directly within your digital banking app. It’s so smart, it’s simple. Consider including Alloya’s P2P payment solution in your Prizeout implementation!

Exceed Members’ Expectations

Give your members more purchasing power via digital gift cards with bonus offers to well-known brands your members love.

Realize a New Stream of Income

Earn incremental income for your credit union with each card redemption.

Reduce Costs & Efforts

With no set-up or maintenance fees, Prizeout is not only easy to implement and operate, but affordable, too.

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