Member Checking

Alloya’s full-service Member Checking service handles inclearing checks received from the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as items from other financial institutions. All check-related services can be performed online, saving your credit union time and effort.

Other features of the Member Checking service include:

  • Adjustment resolutions performed by Alloya professionals on your credit union’s behalf (i.e. reject/repair files from the Fed, research potential adjustment items, detect and resolve duplicate files, reconcile/fund Federal Reserve account, etc.)
  • Duplicate items are detected and removed from all files before processing, included without an additional fee
  • Posting files available through an online download or secure FTP
  • Seven-year image archive for all items processed through Alloya
  • Same-day availability of check images through TranZact
  • Ability to easily review exception items to make return decisions for a window of up to 24 hours
  • Check estimated settlement reports, made available and updated throughout the processing day
  • Ongoing support from Alloya professionals with research, processing and resolution of adjustment items