Daily Account Suite

Alloya offers two different account structures that credit unions can utilize to manage their overnight shares:

The Active Account:

  • This account is self-managed and comprised of a transaction account and a higher-yielding overnight account.
  • The credit union is responsible for transferring dollars between the two accounts to maximize earnings and ensure proper settlement of transactions.

The Effortless Account:

  • This account is a comprehensive account where all settlement occurs and does not require movement of funds between accounts.
  • It is intended for credit unions that do not want to actively manage their overnight shares, yet still want to earn a competitive rate.

Note: Credit unions can choose between either the Active Account or the Effortless Account, but cannot utilize both account structures.

Virtually all credit unions in the corporate's large-scale membership utilize the Daily Account Suite. Real-time account balance information is easily accessible through Alloya's online account management system, Premier View. Funds can be transferred by your credit union between the higher-yield overnight account and transaction account to maximize earnings while ensuring seamless settlement and operation.