CUSOs & Partners

To leverage your credit union’s membership to its fullest potential, consider tapping the advantages offered by Alloya’s credit union service organizations (CUSOs) and partners. With assistance from their experienced, credit union-focused teams, your credit union can:

  • Advance your business strategies with best-practice solutions
  • Compete at a higher level while maintaining a cost-effective delivery model
  • Enlarge the range of beneficial products you can provide to members
  • Elevate your appeal to prospective members
  • Keep business inside the credit union system and away from harmful competitors
  • Strengthen the corporate in which your credit union has a stake

Alloya Investment Services

A division of Alloya Corporate's wholly owned CUSO, Alloya Solutions, LLC, Alloya Investment Services offers investment solutions tailored to each credit union.

*Broker-dealer transactions are facilitated through CU Investment Solutions, LLC (ISI), member FINRA/SIPC. Learn more at

Aptys Solutions, LLC

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, Aptys Solutions provides financial institutions with ONE system for all payment solutions. Aptys helps increase overall efficiencies while reducing expenses associated with managing multiple vendor relationships. For more information, visit

CU Business Group, LLC

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, CU Business Group provides business lending, deposit and consulting services to credit unions nationwide. It is the largest business services CUSO in the industry. Visit for more information.

CU Investment Solutions, LLC

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, CU Investment Solutions (ISI) is a registered broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All broker-dealer transactions offered by the corporate are facilitated by ISI. Visit for more information.

McQueen Financial Advisors

A proud partner of Alloya Corporate, McQueen Financial Advisors provides unsurpassed Investment Portfolio Management, Asset Liability Management, Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation, Merger Valuation and Strategic Consulting services to financial institutions. Visit for more information.

MEMBERS Development Company (MDC)

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, MEMBERS Development Company (MDC) is an interactive and future-focused network leading credit unions through collaborative innovation, development, thought leadership, and research. Visit for more information.

Primary Financial

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, Primary Financial connects more than 6,000 credit unions from across the nation to help them meet their certificate investing and issuance needs through its brokered certificate program, SimpliCD.

QCash Financial

A wholly-owned CUSO of Alloya, QCash Financial empowers credit unions in their quest to improve the financial well-being of their communities by providing loans to their members in under 60 seconds without the use of a credit score. The QCash platform is the best tool for advancing financial inclusion and access for credit union members. Visit for more information.

TranzCapture, LLC

A CUSO owned by Alloya Corporate and Catalyst Corporate, TranzCapture is a next-generation suite of remote deposit services that provides state-of-the-art solutions for branch, ATM, mobile and business capture needs. Visit our TranzCapture product page for more information.