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Neural Payments P2P Solution

Alloya’s peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution, powered through our partnership with Neural Payments, enables your credit union to offer P2P payments directly within your digital banking app, so members can send money effortlessly and recipients have the power to choose where they want their money to go.

The open-loop system of Alloya’s P2P solution enables your credit union’s members to move money on traditional debit rails, modern fintech and real-time payment rails – including third-party digital wallets and accounts tied to debit cards. This means your credit union can offer a P2P solution that enables your members to send money anywhere without heavy data-sharing requirements or additional settlement processes for your staff to learn.

In addition, Alloya’s solution circumvents the need to download a separate app or establish an account, mitigating the likelihood of account takeover fraud and spoofed calls/texts. The solution also leverages a proprietary rules-based fraud engine that significantly reduces fraudulent activity.


A separate offering that pairs seamlessly with Alloya’s P2P solution, Prizeout is an innovative withdrawal platform that gives users more purchasing power in the form of digital gift cards with bonus offers. There is little to no cost to your credit union for set-up or maintenance, and incremental income is generated on each card redemption. Consider including Prizeout in your P2P implementation!

Build Member Loyalty

Grow deposits, engage with new members and offer a safer, more user-friendly payment experience directly within your digital banking app.

Save Time & Money

Leverage a cost-effective and operationally simple solution that makes reporting and reconciliation much easier than competitors’ P2P solutions.

Find Peace of Mind

By eliminating the need for card registration and account creation, you eliminate a touchpoint that is frequently exploited by fraudsters.

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