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As the payments landscape has evolved in the last few years, Alloya recognized the need to find a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution for credit unions unlike the rest. One that would strengthen member relationships rather than outsource them. One that would mitigate fraud losses rather than encourage them. One that would allow consumers more convenience, more control, more security and, most importantly, more value.

In partnership with Neural Payments and Prizeout, Alloya has done just that. Together, we have brought an unparalleled P2P solution to the marketplace for credit unions as a brand-new, integrated product set – an innovative member-facing solution that can’t be accessed anywhere but Alloya.


About Alloya’s P2P SolutionColorful badge awarded by to the Innovations in Payments 2024 winner.

Alloya’s P2P solution leverages a new payments engine created by Neural Payments to move money on traditional rails, modern fintech and real-time payment systems. Unlike traditional P2P solutions, Alloya’s P2P solution makes it easier for users to send and receive money regardless of the recipient’s app(s). No longer are consumers tasked with asking, “Do you have Venmo?” or “Do you use Zelle?” The solution empowers credit unions to offer P2P payments directly within their digital banking platform, so members can send money effortlessly and receivers have the power to choose where they want their money to go. In addition, the proprietary rules-based fraud engine makes the credit union the gatekeeper of the solution, stopping suspicious payments before they’re even sent.

In the age of inflation, consumers want value. Utilizing their proprietary technology, the minds at Prizeout have launched a solution that gives consumers more purchasing power. When recipients of a P2P payment elect to take their funds via Prizeout, they can choose a digital gift card with an added bonus from thousands of participating merchants. The merchant provides the consumer with bonus values as high as 20% on their withdrawn money, while also paying the credit union a percentage of the card value. For retailers, this fuels customer acquisition at a lower cost, retention and loyalty. For credit unions, this generates incremental income each time a gift card is redeemed. For members, this allows them to maximize their purchasing power on received funds.


These solutions offer tremendous value independently
but deliver even greater value as a combination.

Let's face it...

Traditional P2P solutions can be a serious hassle. Ever been in a situation like this?

P2P should be pain-free...

“Do you have change for a $20?” “What app do you use?” Moving money shouldn’t come with so many questions.

...with perks on perks for all parties!

Yep, there’s something for everyone to gain. Still skeptical? Let’s see just how easy it is…

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