Credit unions can utilize Alloya’s Safekeeping when investing in marketable securities that need a safe place to be held – allowing for only one statement to be reconciled. The credit union retains constant ownership and control of its securities, and all securities are eligible for safekeeping with Alloya’s Safekeeping Program – including U.S. Government and Agency securities – regardless of maturity date and amount.

The program accepts any type of negotiable or non-negotiable security in any form:

  • Federal Book Entry
  • Depository Trust Company (DTC)
  • Physical paper securities

Purchases and sales are settled through the delivery-versus-payment (DVP) method, greatly mitigating risk. Simultaneous exchange of securities and proceeds protect credit unions against the dealer failing to follow through with delivery. If a trade is not delivered or the value is different than expected, Alloya’s Member Services team will contact your credit union.