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Real-Time Payments

Alloya’s real-time payment solutions deliver full-service support for credit union’s looking to leverage the Federal Reserve’s FedNow® Service and/or The Clearing House’s RTP® network. Credit unions can choose one, two or more of these products depending on their business needs.

Real-Time Payment Processing (FedNow® Service and/or RTP®)

Count on Alloya’s Real-Time Payment Processing solutions to assist your credit union with Receive Only or Send & Receive transaction processing over the FedNow and RTP® networks. Alloya’s payment processing engine ensures payments are processed within seconds, reflecting this activity immediately in your members’ accounts.

Real-Time Settlement (FedNow® Service and/or RTP®)

Leverage Alloya’s Real-Time Settlement solutions to assist your credit union with the settlement and liquidity management functions required to support real-time payment processing over the FedNow and RTP® networks – even if processing is enabled with another vendor. Alloya’s settlement solutions also provide transparency, streamlined reconciliation and automated processing to simplify your credit union’s back office.

Overwhelmed by the FedNow Service? Thinking of taking a wait-and-see approach? We’re here to say, DON’T WAIT! Now is the time to start your engine – and Alloya is your on-ramp! Learn more about Alloya’s recommended actions – or mile markers – on the road to FedNow instant payments.

Reduce Efforts

Offload real-time payment responsibilities, including 24x365 liquidity management, to Alloya as your trusted partner.

Find Peace of Mind

Relax knowing your members’ real-time payments will be processed and reflected in their accounts within seconds.

Satisfy Members

Ensure your members will remain loyal to your credit union for years to come with this emerging payment capability that will become expected over time.

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