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Vignette #2

Real-Life Stories, Real-Time Payments

Your member found their dream home! But in order to secure it, the seller is asking them to provide an earnest down payment on a Saturday afternoon. They transfer funds instantly into their checking account, and then direct earnest money for immediate receipt to lock in the purchase of their dream home.


Be the answer to all the questions.
Moving money has never been easier.


There's no such thing as a silly question - except when it comes to moving money.
At Alloya, we're making peer-to-peer (P2P) payments easier for everyone.

Supporting Credit Union Success

Straight from the desk of Alloya’s CEO, our
annual Report to the Membership is now available!

How can we simplify your life today?


Supporting payments of yesterday,
today and tomorrow


A steadfast source for the liquidity
needs of every credit union


Maximizing yields while minimizing
risks on your balance sheet

Member Solutions

Simplifying your members' lives
in addition to your back office

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