Image Clear

Alloya’s Image Clear service provides processing, clearing, collection and settlement of check images that have been generated from third-party image capture solutions. Image Clear is designed for credit unions that have established vendor solutions for branch/teller capture, mobile, ATM, ITM, merchant or lockbox services. The vendor capture systems will create validated X9 image deposit files, which are sent via Secure FTP to Alloya for processing.

Alloya’s Image Clear service enables credit unions to:

  • Send image deposits to Alloya using X9.37 or X9.100 file formats
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for research and reconciliation
  • Detect duplicate items and batches
  • Mitigate risk of fraud across all deposit channels through real-time and/or next-day notifications via Alloya’s Deposit Fraud Protection
  • Send files through a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) service directly from your credit union or vendor to Alloya