Premier View

Simplify your members’ lives while streamlining operations at your credit union with Alloya’s online account management system, Premier View.

Premier View is your authorized staff’s one-stop processing platform for account management and transaction services – from settling accounts, to ordering currency, performing ACH and wire transactions, making checking adjustments and more.

Premier View centralizes daily business functions and emphasizes ease of use through the following features:

  • A secure login from any internet-connected computer
  • Single point of access for efficient account management and transaction processing
  • Ongoing Premier View enhancements to improve system capabilities and performance
  • Free training conducted by Alloya support professionals

The technology is maintained by Alloya and features user-friendly screens, logical navigation and secure channels where sensitive data is transmitted. Plus, multiple accounts – including the Daily Account Suite (Active, Effortless) – can be centrally managed and sub-accounts can be established to segregate transactions for easy reconciliation or automatic transfer.