TranzCapture (Check 21)

Alloya’s next-generation deposit capture suite, TranzCapture, LLC, is the only credit union-owned solution that features a complete suite of capture applications that are fully integrated for operational efficiency. By choosing TranzCapture, you’ll be joining a growing number of credit unions looking to address the concern of decreasing check volumes. By pooling volumes to contain costs, leveraging the power of ownership to control system design and functionality, credit unions can be assured that they will have a stable check processing partner into the future – all while utilizing the next-generation suite of remote deposit services, including ATM Capture, Branch Capture, Business Capture, ITM Capture and Mobile Capture.

In addition to streamlining check deposit operations and reducing costs, TranzCapture provides your credit union with strategic advantages and opportunities, such as the ability to integrate with other vendor solutions, including Alloya’s Fraud Protection Services, for operational efficiencies and enhanced service. Additionally, TranzCapture is continuously evolving and expanding the remote deposit services and enhancements to meet credit unions’ changing needs and to stay abreast of technological advancements.

The TranzCapture remote deposit services suite offers:

Each of the TranzCapture services includes:

  • Single sign-on access through Premier View, Alloya’s online account management system
  • Robust search capabilities to easily locate items by deposit type, location ID, batch ID and item level detail
  • Deposit detail report categorized by deposit type with drill-down functionality
  • Detection of duplicate deposits across all capture channels
  • Increased flexibility for modification/deletion of batch deposit items
  • Intuitive software design, minimizing the learning curve for your credit union and your members
  • Alloya's team of professionals will work with your credit union and any applicable third-party vendor to set-up and implement your solution
  • Initial training and ongoing support for your credit union from Alloya's team of professionals
  • Access to educational webinars and system demonstrations to familiarize credit unions with navigating the platform