Buying Loan Participations

What are the benefits of buying loan participations?

Here are the top four:

  1. Enhance Revenue – Grow your credit union’s loan portfolio without adding staff and invest with confidence knowing Alloya provides full financial transparency.
  2. Activate Liquidity – Convert excess funds into yield-bearing instruments.
  3. Manage Risk – Diversify your credit union’s assets and fine-tune regulatory ratios.
  4. Alloya Makes It Easy – From start to finish, the transaction happens inside our online Loan Participation Platform for a centralized, guided and fully automated experience. Plus, streamlined reporting features allow you to export a single file from the system with everything you need for your credit union’s call report.

Tell me about the process and why I should partner with Alloya.

Buying loan participations doesn’t have to be a burden. A formerly manual process becomes automated and streamlined for a painless participation experience in Alloya’s online Loan Participation Platform.