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balance isn’t easy.

Keep it Simple.

Why Loan Participations?


Balance Your Loan Portfolio

Alloya’s Loan Participation Program makes it easier for credit unions to buy and sell pools of loans. They're a way credit unions can work together to free up liquidity or grow their loan portfolio.


Buyers Generate Income

Buyers invest in loan participations to generate interest income, diversify assets, reduce excess liquidity and manage asset/liability ratios.


Sellers Keep Lending

Others sell pools of loans to raise liquid funds so they can continue to lend to members. Loan Participations also help sellers manage rate risk and asset/liability ratios.

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Alloya Makes Loan Participations Simple

Alloya provides a trustworthy, straightforward process for buyers and sellers with full financial transparency.

If you’re new to loan participations, we can provide policy templates and assistance with getting set up to buy or sell pools through our program.

When you're ready to make loan participations part of your balance sheet strategy, contact Alloya - we're here to help every step of the way.



  • Manage your balance sheet and meet your strategic needs
  • Free up liquidity before reaching lending capacity
  • Obtain funds to enable more lending
  • Manage risk, fine-tune regulatory ratios

Reasons to become a Seller

  • Is your loan program gaining more traction than you ever anticipated?
  • Are you near your maximum lending capacity and need to free up liquidity?
  • Is your cost of funds increasing to levels that are hurting your bottom line?
  • Are cyclical cash crunches putting your credit union’s operations at risk?


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  • Put excess liquidity to work
  • Diversify assets
  • Manage risk, fine-tune regulatory ratios
  • Supplement a slowing or shrinking portfolio of loans

Reasons to become a Buyer

  • Is loan demand from your membership stalling your loan portfolio growth?
  • Is managing interest rate risk and credit risk a priority for your credit union?
  • Are you not getting enough out of your investments?
  • Are you spending too much time originating loans?


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