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Introducing Alloya's Loan Participation Platform

Over the last four years, Alloya’s Loan Participation Program has made it easier for credit unions to achieve their respective balance sheet goals through the purchase and sale of loan pools. Now, Alloya’s Loan Participation Platform is taking it up a notch.

Reimagine loan participations.

Think faster, easier and more convenient – without losing the transparency, service and support from Alloya that you’re accustomed to. The benefits of participating with Alloya aren’t changing – they’re expanding. Buyers generate income. Sellers free up liquidity. The Loan Participation Platform makes the process even simpler. It’s your one-stop online shop for finding your match, diversifying your balance sheet and participating painlessly.

The Loan Participation Platform…

  • Simplifies the process of buying and selling loan pools through a standardized agreement.
  • Integrates and consolidates reporting, including call report information.
  • Streamlines and automates remittance funding transfers.

Matches made easy. Participations made painless.

Our job is to make your job easier.

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