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Loan Participations

Today’s credit union loan participation marketplace is teeming with buyers and sellers. Some invest in loan participations to develop a new source of interest income. Others sell pools of loans to raise liquidity. The uses and benefits of loan participations are numerous.

Alloya’s Loan Participation program simplifies a burdensome process, drastically reducing time and effort for credit unions. Unlike non-credit union brokers, Alloya provides full financial transparency – to both buyers and sellers – throughout the loan participation process. Commerce is preserved within the credit union industry.

Financial officers use loan participations as a strategic balance sheet management tool to:

  • Manage liquidity
  • Increase income
  • Address interest-rate risk
  • Fine-tune asset-liability ratios


To diversify assets, generate interest income (at rates that are competitive with investments), and reduce excess liquidity, credit unions buy a percentage of a pool of loans offered by peers.


To increase liquidity and reduce the ratio of long-term loans in their portfolio, credit unions sell pools of loans to other credit unions.

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