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Beginning this January, we are delivering virtual education that stands out in a crowd. With a new look and feel, selection of topics, speaker lineup, online platform and name, we hope you will Link with Alloya to make the new year brighter!

Check out the lineup of Q1 speakers below and save your spot now!




Embracing Change: Discover the Possibility Within the Unknown

Brett Culp, Acclaimed Filmmaker & Keynote Speaker

Join Brett Culp as he delivers an uplifting presentation that will empower and equip attendees to face their fears about change and move forward with confidence and optimism.




7 Ways Highly Profitable Credit Unions Calculate the ROI of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Ronaldo Hardy, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, CU Strategic Planning

Credit unions are people-focused organizations that strive to do the right thing for employees and members alike, which is why we all agree that inclusive cultures are vital. Join Ronaldo Hardy to strengthen your ability to differentiate between diversity, equity and inclusion, and to grow your understanding of how they can impact your bottom line.



Lead or Get Out of the Way! Eight Powerful Principles to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Gary Vien, Author | Chief Administrative Officer, Suncoast Credit Union

The two most important investments you can make with your valuable time are building relationships and developing yourself. Join Gary Vien, author of Lead or Get Out of the Way! Eight Powerful Principles to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level, as he explains the importance of continuously developing your leadership skills and provides insight on how to do so.




The “Not-so-Secret” Secret About Confidence

Nicole Kalil, Confidence Sherpa

How do you build your confidence? What’s the secret? The key is understanding both what generates confidence and what chips away at it. Join Nicole Kalil as she blasts through five limiting beliefs and “derailers” and shares the “secret” that will boost your confidence instantly.



It’s Time to Redefine Success

Alix Patterson, Chief Experience Officer, Callahan & Associates

As we approach the anniversary of the pandemic’s arrival, there are still a great number of unknowns, and any analysis is full of assumptions. With that being said, it’s clear that the traditional financial measures of success will be declining for the foreseeable future and credit unions will need to adapt. Join Alix Patterson, Chief Experience Officer at Callahan & Associates, for an insightful and inspiring discussion about our industry’s ability to serve our members in this time of need.

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