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About Our Partnership

Alloya is proud to be sponsoring Suze Orman in 2020 – not only as part of our ongoing effort to support credit union success, but also to offer resources and support to credit union members nationwide during a time of great uncertainty. Learn more about Alloya’s partnership with Suze Orman in the FAQ below.

How did Alloya become connected with Suze Orman?

A relationship between Suze Orman and Alloya was first formed at Alloya's 2019 Credit Union Executive Leadership Symposium. Suze was the event's keynote speaker and it was instantly apparent that Suze's values were very much aligned with the credit union mission. Suze and credit unions both want to help people live their best financial lives. By working together, we believe more consumers will hear the powerful credit union story.

Why did Alloya decide to form the partnership?

At the start of 2020, Alloya formed a strategic partnership with Suze Orman, America’s Personal Finance Expert, to help advance the credit union movement. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the country and left many Americans feeling anxious and uncertain. So, while our initial intentions for this partnership were aimed at advancing the credit union movement, we now view it as something even greater: to grow the credit union movement while providing resources and support to Americans during a time of great uncertainty and hardship. Together, Suze Orman, Alloya and credit unions nationwide can band together to bring hope and support during times of trial.

Why is Suze Orman a strong partner for the credit union movement?

Suze has produced 10 consecutive New York Times bestsellers with over 30 million copies in print, received two Emmy awards, been named the most successful fundraiser in the history of PBS television having raised over $200 million, and twice been named to the TIME 100 list that recognizes the world’s most influential people, along with many other accolades and awards. But what matters most is that for the past 35 years Suze has been on a mission to empower both women and men from all walks of life to have power over their money, versus their money (or lack thereof) having power over them – especially at a time of great economic uncertainty. Currently, the Women & Money podcast is the vehicle she is using to accomplish that goal.

How is Alloya sponsoring Suze?

As part of Alloya’s partnership with Suze Orman, we are sponsoring her popular Women & Money podcast. The podcast was created to give everyone a place to truly be educated about money. Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Suze has been addressing common concerns and offering powerful advice to help Americans overcome their financial hardships amid a struggling economy.

Every Thursday and Sunday, when new episodes drop each week, Suze’s loyal listeners tune in to hear her financial words of wisdom. Just recently, the Women & Money podcast reached six million downloads! Each of the 104 new episodes released this year will feature messages at the beginning and end of the episode with a statement that encourages Suze’s listeners to discover how credit unions can help them achieve their financial goals. Each message also includes a call-to-action for the listener to find a credit union near them by visiting

I saw that Suze just recently launched a new app. What’s that about?

In addition to her podcast, Suze Orman just recently launched a brand-new tool to help her community of followers find support: the Suze Orman Women & Money Community App. Now available for free on Google Play and Apple, the app allows users to watch Suze through livestream, access the Women & Money podcast, submit questions directly to Suze herself, review an archive of previously answered Q&A, and browse community channels arranged by topics that interest them most. Just another valuable resource that you might consider sharing with your members, in addition to the Women & Money podcast!

Why should credit unions help promote the partnership with Suze Orman?

Alloya is a cooperative organization that is proud to serve its member-owner credit unions. Therefore, this partnership between Suze Orman and Alloya is a partnership owned by the member credit unions that Alloya serves. Regardless of your membership status with Alloya, we encourage you to participate in this credit union partnership with Suze Orman, and to take advantage of the ready-made marketing tools available on this site. These tools will not only allow you to raise awareness about the partnership and the credit union movement, but also aid your current and future members in gaining practical and actionable advice during these challenging economic times.

Where can I access Suze Orman's Women & Money podcast?

Tune in for new episodes every Thursday and Sunday by visiting or wherever you access podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and more.

How can I learn more?

Contact us for more information about the partnership with Suze Orman, the marketing toolkit - or to learn more about Alloya.

About Alloya Corporate FCU

Alloya provides cooperative financial services to 1,400 member credit unions and credit union entities nationally. Together, the member-owners of Alloya wield aggregated power to gain access to affordable, comprehensive products and services - including transactions, liquidity and investments - to give each credit union a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, Alloya offers a dependable and competitive line of credit, secure and efficient product access and settlement, and unparalleled member service - which are available to all credit unions with or without a capital contribution. In addition to the support Alloya provides its membership, Alloya supports multiple credit union leagues and associations throughout the country and gives back to local communities nationwide by providing a variety of charitable donations. Visit to learn more.

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