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Turbulent economic conditions have prompted many credit unions to turn to subordinated debt as an option to strengthen their balance sheet and net worth while providing the flexibility to grow and attain strategic goals. However, while subordinated debt is a compelling solution, the process of issuing and/or investing init can be expensive, time-consuming and complicated.

Subordinated Debt: To issue or to invest, that is the question.

Get to know this balance sheet management tool in Tom Slefinger’s newly published article.

How Alloya Can Help: A Full-Service Solution

Alloya proudly offers a full-service solution for credit unions who are looking to issue or invest in subordinated debt. We offer this full-service product with a simple “all-in” fee structure that will save you time and money compared to other providers.

Investment Banks
Other Single Service Providers

ALM/Application Advisory

Legal Counsel

Policy Review

Offering Documentation

Deal Coordination

Sales & Distribution

Due Diligence & Servicing

Partner Profiles

Alloya’s strategic partnerships with McQueen Financial Advisors, LLC and Luse Gorman, PC enable credit unions to leverage the strength of each party to receive regulatory approval, manage legal risks and lower costs versus working with investment banks or multiple individual providers that traditionally service credit unions looking to issue or invest in subordinated debt.

Alloya Corporate FCU

About: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union is the premier corporate with a mission to simplify the operations of the credit unions it serves. With a nationwide membership network, Alloya serves over one-quarter of today’s credit unions (~1,400) – more than any other corporate. Alloya provides a suite of products and services, concentrating on liquidity, investment and transaction (payment) services. Alloya will serve as your primary service provider with a focus on world-class service, underwriting and distribution of the approved subordinated debt issuance.

McQueen Financial Advisors, LLC

About: McQueen Financial Advisors is a leading nationwide provider of financial advisory services. McQueen provides expert Investment Portfolio Management, Asset Liability Management and Strategic Consulting services to financial institutions that are focused on individualized results. They are the leading financial advisor to credit unions for mergers and bank branch purchases. McQueen will serve as an advisor and will support credit unions in the creation of the application and business plan for subordinated debt issuance.

Luse Gorman, PC

About: Luse Gorman, PC is one of the largest community financial institution law firms in the nation. Routinely ranked as one of the top capital-raising transactions in the country, Luse Gorman will guide credit unions through the deal documentation process, compliance with applicable laws, and preparation for issuance.

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Investing in Subordinated Debt | NCUA’s Newest Rule and Expanding Your Investment Capabilities

Held on October 25, 2021 - Speakers: Greg Hill, Bill Paton

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