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Fraud Prevention Resources

As fraudsters develop increasingly sophisticated ways to con consumers out of their hard-earned money, we, in turn, must elevate our awareness and advance our fraud prevention tactics. At Alloya, our compliance and fraud prevention experts are continuously monitoring evolving fraud trends to keep our members informed and developing tactics to protect our members from losses.

Trends to Watch

Real Members, Real Fraud, Real Prevention

“Earlier this year, Alloya helped prevent a major fraud incident for one of our valued members. Alloya’s Compliance Department asked all that right questions to make all involved parties – both our credit union staff and our member – see the potential for fraud and highlighted areas of concern that we hadn’t previously identified. Prior to this incident, we didn’t realize that Alloya’s Compliance Department was available to assist us. A big thanks to the Alloya team for their efforts and diligence. This is one less loss for our member, and we are very grateful for that.” – Anonymous Compliance Specialist


“Thanks to Alloya’s Compliance Department, we were able to spare our member from losing a considerable sum of money. The member gave our representative false information when requesting the wire, but the fraud mitigation questions that the Alloya team later asked allowed us to stop the wire from being sent. We strongly believe Alloya is adding value to our credit union with their fraud mitigation efforts.” – Anonymous Chief Operating Officer

We're Here to Help

Think of the Alloya team as an extension of your credit union’s back office. This includes the professionals from our payments and compliance teams. As an aggregator of payments, our experts regularly see fraudulent activity that may mirror a scenario your credit union’s member may be dealing with. We stand ready to assist credit unions in preventing fraud and making payment processing more secure. We also welcome your feedback on how we can better help you in this important effort.

Contact to share your suggestions with our team or to request support.

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