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ECCHO Membership

Through Alloya’s partnership with ECCHO, your credit union can become an Alloya-sponsored ECCHO member for a potentially discounted membership fee!

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Get a flavor for what ECCHO and Alloya have to offer.

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What is ECCHO?

The Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO) was established in 1990 as a not-for-profit clearing house to foster the electronic exchange of checks and to advocate for a more efficient check payments system. Now, as a service of The Clearing House Payments Company LLC, ECCHO has approximately 3,000 members comprised of U.S. depository financial institutions of all sizes. ECCHO is the only industry-wide advocate for the check payment system representing every segment of the industry from the smallest credit union to the largest commercial bank. 

What are the benefits of ECCHO membership?

Member services provided by ECCHO include:

  • Access to the ECCHO website, which contains downloadable forms, documents and online training
  • Payments education and the nationally recognized National Check Professional (NCP) accreditation program at reduced rates (e.g., reduced exam fees and CE credit filing fees)
  • Engagement opportunities in the development of optimum rules for the industry for private-sector image exchange
  • Industry advocacy for the check payment system

Is my credit union required to become a member of ECCHO?

ECCHO membership is not required, but it is encouraged! ECCHO membership will provide your credit union with access to invaluable tools and expertise that will perfectly complement the check services and support that you receive through Alloya. 

How do I know if ECCHO membership is right for my credit union?

If your credit union processes checks – with Alloya or another service provider – then ECCHO membership is for you.

Why is Alloya sponsoring ECCHO membership?

Alloya proudly offers check processing solutions to our members and believes this relationship with ECCHO will provide added value to your existing payments relationship with Alloya. The ECCHO membership provides you access to expertise and guidance on check regulations and laws, and will complement the service that Alloya already provides.

How much does ECCHO membership cost?

With Alloya’s sponsorship, your credit union’s ECCHO membership may be discounted as compared to going directly to ECCHO for membership without a sponsor. The annual membership fee is determined by ECCHO’s tiered system based on credit union deposit size. The estimated value of sponsored membership for a credit union can range upwards from $7,500 annually when considering the training, legal and compliance services provided by ECCHO.

chart of ECCHO costs

How do I sign up?

Please fill out this form. Alloya will send you an email via DocuSign to complete your credit union’s set-up information. Please note the DocuSign agreement must be signed by one of your credit union’s Alloya Authorized Representatives who can sign contracts on behalf of your credit union.

To learn more about the benefits of ECCHO membership, visit For any questions regarding the partnership or Alloya-sponsored ECCHO membership, please contact Member Services at (800) 342-4328 or

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