Alloya Investment Services (a division of Alloya Solutions, LLC – a CUSO wholly owned by Alloya Corporate FCU) has an obligation to its clients to provide certain critical services with minimal interruptions. The Plan provides employees of Alloya Investment Services with a strategic plan of action for maintaining critical services to clients. When emergency situations require, operations must revert to alternate processing routines. Contingency planning provides the ability to maintain critical operations and protects the safety of all employees.

Alloya Investment Services will coordinate and participate in the business continuity/resumption planning of Alloya Corporate. Alloya Investment Services will utilize Alloya Corporate’s systems and procedures for back-up on computer files and communications.

Plan Objectives

The objectives of the Plan are to provide the information and procedures necessary to:

  • Respond to a disaster occurrence
  • Notify necessary personnel, significant business partners, and regulators
  • Assemble staff for business continuity/resumption
  • Recover data
  • Resume processing to ensure minimal disruption to Alloya Investment Services business operations

The Plan includes procedures that, when followed, will assist in ensuring the availability of critical resources and in maintaining the continuity of operations during an emergency situation. The plan was developed and reviewed at least annually to aid in ensuring organizational stability through an orderly recovery process in the event of significant problems and interruptions.

Alloya Investment Services will respond to a significant business disruption by safeguarding employees’ lives and firm property, making a financial and operational assessment, recovering and resuming operations as soon as feasible, protecting all of the firm’s books and records, and allowing our clients to transact business.


Alloya Investment Services is a division of Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union's wholly owned credit union service organization (CUSO), Alloya Solutions, LLC. Alloya Investment Services does not hold any securities or funds for clients. Safekeeping is done through the facility of choice by the client.

Alloya Investment Services has two main locations and has a back-up Recovery Operations Center (ROC). To best prepare for such contingencies, we suggest credit union members become familiar with how to contact Alloya’s headquarters:

Naperville Office: 184 Shuman Boulevard, Ste. 400, Naperville, IL 60563 | (800) 782-2431.


Updated: 1/1/2023