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October 15, 2019 What a JOLT!

October 7, 2019 The Cleanest Shirt Isn’t So Clean

September 30, 2019 REAL MEN (AND WOMEN) BUY BONDS

September 23, 2019 Ignore the Dots

September 16, 2019 It's Not as it Appears

September 9, 2019 Houston, We Have More Than One Problem!

September 3, 2019 As the Consumer Goes… So Goes the Economy

August 26, 2019 As RVs Go... So Goes the Economy

August 19, 2019 Inconvenient Truths

August 12, 2019 Troubled Times

August 5, 2019 The Trade War Heats Up

July 29, 2019 A House of Straw

July 22, 2019 “All the Way Down to Zero”

July 15, 2019 America’s Debt Addiction

July 8, 2019 Rogue Jobs Report

July 1, 2019 Bonds are from Mars, Stocks are from Venus