If you are in need of liquidity or you are simply looking for a secondary liquidity source, consider SimpliCD Issuance. SimpliCD Issuance is the issuance of federally insured share certificates to other credit unions and institutions, provided by Primary Financial.

A CUSO jointly owned by Alloya Corporate, Primary Financial is a credit union owned entity created to serve credit unions. For more than 20 years, credit unions of all sizes have relied on SimpliCD to quickly and easily generate deposits without the hassle, time, and expense associated with doing it themselves. Issuing certificates has never been easier.

Who can issue?

  • Federally chartered credit unions
  • Most state chartered credit unions that are federally insured – check with your regulators as many states adopt the federal guidelines

What are the benefits?

  • A centralized way to raise funds and generate liquidity
  • The ability to aggregate investors into a single deposit: one wire, one certificate, and one interest payment
  • No subscription, broker, or transaction fees with our custodial program
  • Reach the largest pool of credit union investors in the industry
  • The option to settle everything through Alloya
  • Safety of working with a credit union owned entity

In-Network Custodial Certificate Program

Primary Financial will show your rate to its network of more than 3,500 credit union investors and gather funds for your deposit. You may issue anywhere from $100,000 to $50 milllion or more in a single transaction. You will receive one wire, set up one certificate, and send one interest payment, or have Primary Financial automatically deduct the monthly interest payment from your settlement account at Alloya. Primary Financial will act as a custodian on the account and will take care of interest distribution to the investors, reporting, audit requests, and more. This is a great way to raise your first $200 million.

SimpliCD DTC Option

Do your credit union’s needs exceed $200 million? The DTC market may be right for you. Issue DTC certificates with SimpliCD to reach more public funds investors and potentially all U.S. credit unions.

Low Income Designation

Per the NCUA, federally chartered, and many state-chartered credit unions with the low income designation are not limited to only nonmember deposits from credit unions and public funds, greatly increasing your investor audience with SimpliCD.