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It's Official! Introducing Alloya Investment Services

We are excited to announce that as of January 1, 2020, the broker/dealer services delivered to your credit union will now be named Alloya Investment Services! Alloya Investment Services is a division of Alloya’s wholly owned CUSO, which has been renamed Alloya Solutions, LLC (formerly known as Balance Sheet Solutions).
Alloya Investment Services Logo

Why the change?

Since 2002, Alloya’s wholly owned CUSO, Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, has proudly offered tailor-made investment solutions for credit unions of all sizes across the country. In the future, we envision Alloya's wholly owned CUSO to deliver a variety of credit union solutions in addition to broker/dealer services. Therefore, the broker/dealer services will be the first of many potential divisions of Alloya's wholly owned CUSO. To distinguish the broker/dealer services from other solutions that the CUSO may offer down the line, we have rebranded them as Alloya Investment Services. Plus, the services and success of our CUSO have become such an integral part of Alloya’s story that we want to further strengthen the connection between our corporate brand and our CUSO.

How does this affect my credit union?

It doesn’t! The broker/dealer services will not be affected by the brand transition to Alloya Investment Services. You will still enjoy the same relationships, receive the same services and leverage the same strategic advantages at your credit union. The only difference is, we hope to offer you even more solutions through our CUSO in the future!

How can I learn more?

Contact us with any questions about our decision to make this change.

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