Sundie Seefried

CEO, Partner Colorado Credit Union & Safe Harbor Services, LLC.


Sundie Seefried is the CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union & Safe Harbor Services, LLC, located in Denver, Colorado. She has served in the credit union industry since 1983 and as CEO since 2001. Instead of heading into retirement at the end of 2014, she designed a full scope Cannabis Banking Program that has withstood the scrutiny of 12 federal and state exams. The credit union has realized great success in terms of removing cash from the communities, therefore making the state safer for the public as well as aiding federal and local law enforcement. She now banks well over $100 million per month of cannabis related funds.

Sundie regularly provides cannabis banking education to legislators, regulators, attorneys generals, state officials and financial institutions, and has established herself as an expert on the topic – having her program featured in the New York Times Magazine in January 2018. She also authored a book entitled Navigating Safe Harbor – Cannabis Banking in Uncertain Times in 2016. She is on a mission to normalize banking for the cannabis industry while assisting law enforcement and federal agencies to become more effective at combating illicit activities and protecting the financial system.