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The Power of Courage

What does courage mean to you?

Is courage running into a burning building to save someone? Is it keeping the right attitude when everything is going wrong? Courage is not limited by circumstances; it is required daily. Courage can mean so many little things and the truth is, we all define courage based on our unique experiences and stories. Courage is having the tough conversations, taking responsibility, admitting you made a mistake, striving to be the best version of yourself or simply trying to find and instill purpose into what you do daily.

What does courage look like day to day in your workplace? In your story?

What does your message of courage communicate about your leadership and legacy?

How do you apply courage to teamwork, leadership, relationships and adversity?

This powerful speech by Sam Glenn is an uplifting reminder to keep your head up, your focus forward and your mental outlook resilient.

Sam GlennPresenter: Sam Glenn

Program Level: Intermediate
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications
CPE Credits Available