Managed Disaster Recovery

Alloya’s Managed Disaster Recovery service enables credit unions to establish a mirrored secondary recovery site for major incidents and invest in members’ overall satisfaction by ensuring availability and performance of critical infrastructure services.

Alloya will assist your credit union to not only set up the technologies for a successful secondary site, but also document, regularly test and adjust the environment to ensure a successful recovery.

Alloya’s Managed Disaster Recovery service includes:

  • Full assessment and professional services to scope out recovery requirements
  • Ability to implement an intelligent “tiered” recovery program that is cost-effective and ensures the most critical applications are available in minutes
  • Complete recovery documentation that details your credit union’s exact recovery process in specific step-by-step IT procedures
  • CBTS-managed disaster recovery exercises that are not disruptive to your IT team or production environment

The Managed Disaster Recovery service enables credit unions to:

  • Acquire data protection services previously only accessible for very large financial institutions
  • Greatly improve compliance and regulatory stance
  • Grant members and IT staff peace of mind knowing data is protected and you credit union will recover in the event of a major incident or sustained downtime
  • Avoid large capital expenditures, allowing capital to be reallocated to other services your members desire