Hosted Email Services

Email is mission-critical to every credit union. When you encounter a disruption of service, it is felt across the entire organization – everything comes to a halt. Avoid disruption and maximize the cost efficiencies of the Hosted Email Services.

The Hosted Email Services are customizable to fit your exact credit union needs. Alloya, in partnership with CBTS, can help you assess your current email environment, navigate through your options and select the right type of license and service capabilities for your highly regulated financial enterprise. Certified technical experts will then create a customized migration plan to ensure little-to-no impact on your credit union employees and members.

We will configure and install your email to address your compliance and regulatory requirements and ensure the transition is completed securely and monitored at all times.

The Hosted Email Services enable credit unions to:

  • Communicate with your members through a reliable and accessible cloud-based email that is continually adding features and functionality with built-in security
  • Access world class email capabilities at a fraction of the cost of replicating on your own.
  • Leverage the experience and expertise of a trusted partner who not only knows the path to success, but can help you avoid the pitfalls of email migrations as well
  • Address strict compliance and regulatory requirements for email retention and eDiscovery
  • Defend against spam, malware, phishing and other malicious activity while offloading the burden of patching as it is automatically delivered from Microsoft