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Premier Portfolio Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peek....

*The demo is located behind Premier View.  If you do not have access to Premier View, simply request a copy now.

Premier Portfolio

Gain access to more information, more online tools, more flexibility added to your calendar, Premier Portfolio Logo
more time to focus on your members and more efficiency with Balance Sheet Solutions’ online investment management system, Premier Portfolio.

Balance Sheet Solutions credit union clients are now able to perform many of their daily investment activities all in one location, including…

Read the Daily Market Commentary & Weekly Relative Value

  • Gain access to educational content that tracks market and economic trends, analyzes key releases and watches ongoing political developments. Understand the impacts of current events on credit unions.

View and Buy Offerings

  • Review a list of available security offerings and highlighted specials – place “buy” orders right from the convenience of your desk, AND… connect directly into the SimpliCD website to make CD purchases.

Access Documents and Reports

  • Easily access key accounting and investment portfolio reports, monthly statements, trade confirms, market analyses and much more in one convenient location.

View Portfolio Holdings

  • See current investments holdings online and easily export into a spreadsheet format.

Save Time and Reduce Effort

Perform many of your daily investment activities all in one location.

Enhance Effectiveness

Easily access available offerings, key documents, monthly statements, market analyses and educational content.

Find Peace of Mind

Our team of investment professionals are only a phone call away when in need of additional investment support or guidance.

What you gain...

  • More information
  • More access to online tools
  • More flexibility added to your calendar
  • More time to focus on your members
  • More efficiency
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