Are you Ready for Same Day ACH?

ACH Settlement

The ACH Operator has implemented two new settlement times for ACH transactions. The new settlement schedule will be as follows for ALL ACH participants (receivers and originators) effective September 23, 2016:

 ACH Operator Processing Window*  Settlement Schedule
Same day origination and return items submitted by 10:30 am ET 1:00 pm ET same day
Same day origination and return items submitted by 2:45 pm ET 5:00 pm ET same day
Future dated origination and return items submitted by 2:15 am ET 8:30 am ET next business day

*Please note that Alloya’s processing times may differ from the FRB ACH Operator schedule. This is due to the fact that Alloya will need some time to process the files after receiving them from the ACH Operator.

Today, ACH settlement is only processed once a day at 8:30 am ET. You will need to understand how the additional settlement postings in the afternoon may affect your end of day cash positioning and make any necessary changes to your operations. For example, in phase one if you receive Same Day ACH credits then your end of day balances may be higher. In future phases when debits are allowed you will need to ensure that you have adequate balances at the end of the day to cover any debit settlement.

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