ACH Education Webinar Recordings

Alloya strives to provide continuing value to its membership through education. We understand that you are busy serving your members and may not have been able to attend one of our live education sessions. For your convenience, we are now offering credit unions the opportunity to purchase select recorded sessions that can be downloaded multiple times and will be available until 12/31/2018.

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Overview of the ACH Payments System

This course provides the users with an overview of the ACH Payment System including operational flows, terminology and applications the network supports. This is perfect for credit unions with new back-office personnel, branch personnel or anyone within your institution that needs a basic understanding of how ACH Payments work.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Exception Processing for ACH

Payment professionals need to understand how to handle all contingencies that may arise on a day to day basis when processing ACH. From returns for NSF and invalid account numbers to properly handling prenotification entries that contain incorrect information, the issues that occur with ACH can seem endless at times. This webinar covers the most effective steps to take when faced with exceptions. Learn to deal with an ODFI that is unresponsive to NOC requests, how to contest a return that is dishonored for untimeliness and more.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Essentials of ACH for the ODFI

Credit unions that offer ACH origination services need to understand their responsibilities and liabilities. Listen to this webinar and examine the rule requirements for being an ODFI. Registrants will learn the requirements for onboarding and monitoring an Originator. In addition, attendees will also gain an understanding of the institution’s risk management requirements and what should be included in every ACH origination agreement. This program is great for credit unions considering originating or those interested in ensuring their compliance with the rules.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Government Payments from Enrollments to Reclamations

From enrollments to reclamations, this program examines the rules governing federal government payments. Attendees will learn what their obligations are for Death Notification entries and reclamations as well as learn what your credit union’s liability is for misrouted tax refund payments. Purchase this recording and get friendly with the Green Book.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Reg E Error Resolution

Resolving member issues is what credit unions are known for doing. This webinar program will examine what Regulation E has to say about unauthorized ACH and debit card transactions. Attendees will review the provisions of Reg E that addresses provisional re-crediting and examine the four-wall rule. If an institution is not aware of its obligations under the regulation or is looking for a refresher, purchase this recording.

There is a recording fee of $99. 

Essentials of ACH for the RDFI

RDFIs form the backbone of the ACH network. Credit Unions can attend this webinar to learn the essential elements for receiving ACH. Register to learn what the ACH Rules have to say about posting ACH entries, making funds available and the other basic elements of being a RDFI. This program is perfect for RDFIs that have new ACH personnel in the back-office as well as those institutions wishing to ensure they are compliant with the various changes in the rules that have been implemented recently.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Conducting an ACH Risk Assessment

Appendix Eight of the NACHA Rules requires each participating financial institution to complete an annual rules compliance audit by December 31st of each year. Register for this program to review the requirements of the RDFI for the audit. Attendees will also learn tips for completing the audit as well as who should be involved in its completion.

There is a recording fee of $99.

Wire Transfer Management Controls and Considerations

This session will explore the legal governance, settlement and overall risk management practices for domestic wire transfer services. We will explore a variety of controls, considerations and techniques that can be put in place to manage wire payments risk. Attendees will gain an understanding of the history of wire payments as well as the way these payments are processed.

There is a recording fee of $99. 


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