Funds Transfer Security Session

June 13, 2017
2:00 pm CT

Guest Speaker


Paul Carrubba


Funds transfer fraud is at an all-time high and most financial institution’s internal procedures aren’t written properly opening them up for increased liability.

  • Do you know if your funds transfer procedures are considered commercially reasonable?
  • Would a court likely rule on your behalf once they reviewed your security procedures?

Join us for a free training session created to help ensure that your funds transfer policies and procedures are as tight as they can be.

Space is limited to 95 participants, so register now!

For those who may miss this session, a recording will be available within 48 hours following this webinar.

Do Yours Measure Up? Funds Transfer Policies and Procedures
Cyber-crime and account takeovers continue to plague the financial industry. The criminals continue to find new ways to get around security features and make unauthorized transfers. If there is an account takeover, the question of who will take the loss depends on whether the financial institution’s security procedures are considered commercially reasonable. This session will address the issue of commercially reasonable procedures and how you can determine how likely it would be for a court to rule that your security procedures are “Commercially Reasonable. This session will include:

Join Paul Carrubba, policy and procedures expert from Adams and Reese, LLP, as he presents the items above, using legal cases and their results in regards to funds transfer fraud. Paul will also highlight what credit unions should consider having in their own procedures and policies.

Who should attend?
Anyone responsible for writing or adjusting your credit union’s funds transfer policies and procedures.

Contact, or Kathy Feringa 630-276-2716.