Impactful Investing

Limited Time Offer: Invest in the CIF in April, gain an additional 5 basis points

In partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation and state credit union foundations, Alloya Corporate is offering a unique, limited time offer on Community Investment Fund (CIF) certificates of deposit. Throughout the month of April 2018, your investment will earn an additional five basis points on the purchase of Corporate Share Certificates – giving you the opportunity make more money, while donating a larger contribution that supports various local and national financial literacy, development and scholarship initiatives.

How It Works

The Community Investment Fund (CIF) was designed to leverage the interdependence of the credit union system for the greater good. It provides credit unions the opportunity to donate a portion of the dividends earned on certain investments to the National Credit Union Foundation and their state credit union foundation.

CIF investing is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. 50% of your investment comes back to your credit union
  2. 25% will go to your state credit union foundation – to be directed towards financial education, scholarships, resources and more that benefit your members
  3. 25% will go to a fund of your choosing that is managed by the National Credit Union Foundation. These funds go directly towards financial education programs that you can leverage to assist your staff and members.

How to Get Started

If you wish to purchase a CIF certificate and take advantage of the additional five basis points on the total rate of the certificate, please call Member Services at (800) 342-4328 or your designated Account Executive at Balance Sheet Solutions to request a certificate. Once the certificate is established, you will receive a confirmation of the transaction.


Please contact Alloya Member Services at (800) 342-4328 or your Balance Sheet Solutions representative for details. For more information about the CIF, please visit